What we acquired by engaging in OP "Development of Human Resources"

What we acquired by engaging in OP "Development of Human Resources"

We are well aware that our clients entrust to us the safety of their business, of many years of work, and many personal and sacred efforts and dreams.

This is a great and realized by every employee of "ASO Panema" LTD responsibility. Our great motivation is to offer our clients constant developments in our services and additional levels of security.

Since 2001 we offer an up-to-date Monitoring and Site Security Center by the means of SST. Besides the technologies, our teams depend on well trained specialists who take care for the guarded sites security round-the-clock.

These are the reasons in November 2012 "ASO Panema" LTD to prepare and submit a project proposal on Operative Program "Development of Human Resources" 2007-2013, co-financed by the EU European Social Fund.

The execution of the project included support at supplying "ASO Panema" LTD with the latest and most modern technologies for remote video-surveillance and monitoring, equipping the 24-hour Operations Stand-by Center (OSC), as well as in the area of the security systems.

Besides the technological nature of the product, the entire team remained well satisfied by the specialized training to both the guards and the specialists working in the 24-hour OSC.

When finalizing the project in October 2013, 142 employees of "ASO Panema" LTD have acquired new knowledge and skills in the area of the contemporary video-surveillance systems. This guarantees a better professional realization of the employees, higher labor force quality and offering even better services to our clients.

To sum up, the result of the performance of this European project is modernization and "state of the art" technology to work with, and thus we are able to offer the highest quality level to our clients. Also especially prepared and trained guards and specialists who additionally guarantee our clients' security!