Lead by the principles of loyalty, team-work, and professionalism, "ASO Panema" employees are ready to take the responsibility for your personal safety, the safety of your home, property and business. Quarter of a century already these principles stand at the basis of the success of "ASO Panema" LTD and keep the trust, granted us by all our long-term clients and partners!

The portfolio of services offered by "ASO Panema" includes:

  • security for the property of real and legal entities, buildings, premises, industrial sites, power lines, communications lines, and other strategic sites of importance for the national security;
  • security for valuable shipments and loads;
  • security by SST;
  • personal security;
  • technical security, including installation of complex surveillance, access control, guard and security systems;
  • data, correspondence, means of communications and contact protection against unauthorized access;
  • consultancy services in relation to company security, risk analysis, working out effective action modules, risk management and delivery of resources required for that;
  • its own treasury of 2300 safe deposit boxes of 11 sizes, meeting the European standards of protection and security.

We wait for you!