About Us

About Us

 The security team “ASO Panema" LTD is a company licensed by MIA for the performance of any kind of security business on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

During the last 33 years, under the conditions of economical and political transition, the company gained a substantially valuable experience in organizing and executing:

  • security for the property of real and legal entities, buildings, premises, industrial sites, power lines, communications lines, and other strategic sites of importance for the national security;
  • security for valuable shipments and loads;
  • security by SST;
  • personal security;
  • technical security, including installation of complex surveillance, access control, guard and security systems;
  • data, correspondence, means of communications and contact protection against unauthorized access;
  • consultancy services in relation to personal and company security, risk analysis, working out effective action modules, delivery of resources and risk management.

 ASO Panema LTD CEO Mr. Neofit Pavlov The CEO of "ASO Panema" LTD - Mr. Neofit Pavlov has years of experience within the systems of MD and MIA. His rich experience and authority he enjoys among the private security guards serves as a guarantee for an adequate decision making about your security.

За ръководители на специфичните охранителни направления са привлечени утвърдили се в своята работа бивши служители на националните служби за сигурност и охрана, притежаващи необходимия потенциал от умения, професионален опит и компетентност.

For leaders of the specific security directions were attracted established in their work former officers of the National Services for Guard and Security, who posses the potential of skills, professional experience and competence required.

Under priority, in the security teams were assigned employees of sports qualification, seeking their professional realization and self-establishment.

In case of need, and under full cooperation with the MIA authorities, our employees are capable of taking the most adequate measures, and to take all the legal actions which guarantee the safety of the guarded persons and sites. In their actions they are assisted by mobile armed groups for respond reaction, trained to operate in extreme situations.

Training of guards is conducted in a licensed training center by professional instructors under approved by MIA training courses.

The administrative activity of the company was entrusted to creative, highly-educated specialists and experts in the area of Law, Finances, IT technologies, Marketing, and Business Administration.

The managers of "ASO Panema" LTD posses permission for access to classified information, including a unique registration number of registration.

The company is registered as an administrator of personal data under the Law for Protection of Personal Data.

The company possesses certificates of quality ISO 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Over quarter of a century, "ASO Panema" LTD successfully builds its business and keeps the conquered positions. Lead by the principles of loyalty, team-work, and professionalism, we are ready to correctly take the responsibility for your security, the safety of your home, property and business. Trust us and become part of our long-term Clients and Partners!