Video Surveillance Security Save a Woman's Life

Video Surveillance Security Save a Woman's Life

Armed robbery at a pharmacy was made in the capital city quarter Lyulin 3, bl. 371 last night 30.04.2014 about midnight.

The lady-owner was just locking the pharmacy, when she got attacked from behind and shot in the back at close proximity by a gas pistol in the area of the neck. The attacker succeeded in depriving her of her purse, where she had personal IDs and the amount of ten levs.

By the mean of the installed video-surveillance cameras, which is being watched 24 hours in the Operations Stand-by Center of security company "ASO Panema", operators saw the incident, reacted immediately and sent to the site the Police, ambulance and a company patrol. The Emergency Room ambulance got there in 10 minutes and took the victim to Pirogov.

The woman's condition is stabilized thanks to the swift and timely intervention by the security company and emergency aid teams.

Criminologists stood at the crime scene until 02:00.